And Whale Song


A spectrogram showing whale songs.


And Whale Song


Whale Song by name

Whale Song it came


By day

Seeing the whales play

By night

Still in our sight


Screens of unreal sound

In ocean depths abound

Real time tunes accompany our work

Records of those beneath that lurk


Smooth tones fill the wheelhouse

Rather listen to nothing else…

80 miles off Dampier

Hardly any whales out here


Whales inshore

But shipping galore

Droning out our cetacean tones

With mechanical drones


An ocean full of noise

Indicates man’s toys

Oil and gas for life

Often causing strife

Realism necessary

As oz desires autonomy


Enveloped by whale calls of young and old

Of the timid and the bold

Calls to learn

Hearts that yearn


Frog tones

Indigestion groans

Love-sick moans

Across oceanic zones


Songs of love

With news from above

A sentinel at land-mark stands

Singing migration commands

This way girls…

Over canyons sound curls


I’m yours –

Simply because

I’m 40 tons of love

Breaching from above

To win you over

I’m your Casanova!


(Written by Micheline Jenner)


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