Perth Canyon Pygmy Blue Whale Research Season 2022

During the last week with a good run of suitable small boat weather conditions the marine and science personnel from AIMS (@australianinstituteofmarinescience) and CWR (#Centre for Whale Research) ventured offshore on daily forays to the Perth Canyon, Western Australia.


Using various platforms (boats and drones), many pods of whales have been observed, photographed and sat-tagged! It’s a team effort with each and every person critical to the smooth running of this research operation.  We have boat captains driving, engineers fixing, research assistants spotting/note-taking, drone pilots and drone catchers doing their drone thing (BTW, I don’t think it’s droning?), taggers tagging and photographers photographing/videoing. Awesome work everyone!


The pygmy blue whales of course, (the most important part of this work as the teams seeks to understand their migration paths and patterns), have wowed us yet again. Those blues. Just as the whales come to the surface, their pale grey skin appears as a gorgeous blue streak in the clear, deep blue sea. I can see I’ll be getting stuck in the turquoise part of my wardrobe again.  In the photos, follow a sequence as a whale surfaces.


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