Looking and Listening for Whales 2022

On a simply fine morning near the end of May, the crew of RV Whale Song dropped her lines in the Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour and we began our voyage cruising towards the NW coast.


The sunshine we enjoyed on Day 1 was not to last but the cloud and rain failed to dampen the spirits of Whale Song’s ten crew.


We immediately began looking and listening for whales and there would be some awesome surprises along the way as Whale Song migrated northwards alongside humpback whales and pygmy blue whales.


Sporadic sunshine, abundant clouds, bucketing rain, glistening rainbows, singing humpback whales and calling pygmy blue whales all add up to a whale researcher’s delight!


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Skipper checking the weather!


What a glorious day!

A perfect day to set sail.










Skipper bidding the Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour a fond farewell.


RV Whale Song is underway!

Clouds, clouds and more clouds will be our constant companions!











And rainbows too!


I love the first sunset at sea! It’s the promise of adventure!

Liz admires the sunset hues.

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