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GWN7 News

whalecouple0702141402201411_19frs3l-19frs3lProfessional Whale Chasers (video)

February 14 2014

Two WA marine biologists are back from the wilderness after an adventure of a lifetime.  Curt and Micheline Jenner spent the past month in the Antarctic.  Quite frankly – having a whale of a time!

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Curtain FM 100.1

Curtin-FM-logo-LogoCWR Antarctic Voyage 2014

by Jenny Seaton, February 10 2014

Dr Rob McCauley talks to Jenny Seaton about the 2014 CWR WAVES expedition.

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The West Australian

Couple on whale pilgrimage

by Kate Emery, February 5 2014

Perth marine biologists Curt and Micheline Jenner have spent the past month surrounded by churning seas, breaching whales and icebergs that look pink at the right time of day in the eerie light of the Antarctic.

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The Conversation

Too much noise in the ocean for whales’ sensitive ears

by Curt Jenner, October 21 2013

We’re starting to realise just how much noise humans make underwater, and the damaging effects on marine life. It’s time to seriously address the problem of acoustic pollution.

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Fremantle Herald Interactive

03-11newsThe lost big blues

by Carmelo Amalfi, March 15 2013

ONE of the “quietest” boats in the southern hemisphere slipped into Fremantle this week ahead of a new acoustic survey of Perth Canyon off Rottnest.

The 28m Whale Song is sound-proofed to military standards and can cut through ice when studying the health of the marine environment in Antarctica.

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