“The Things You Can Do With Blue Whale Poo” by Chris Collin

Are you looking for some engaging reading for your children?


Look no further!


“The Things You Can Do With Blue Whale Poo” written by Chris Collin and illustrated by Bruce Potter is a funny tale about all things icky, sticky, stinky and whale pooey!


Just how important is whale poo anyway?


Well, I am glad you asked! Among other nutrients whale poo is rich in iron – in fact, one litre of whale poo contains a million times more iron than one litre of seawater! To continuously enrich our oceans, as occurred before whaling depleted our global whale populations, we need to protect wild whale populations so they, the oceans (and even us) can flourish because of their wonder poo!


Recently Chris Collin visited Micheline Jenner, Curt Jenner and Skipper aboard RV “Whale Song” in the Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour. This was a great opportunity to thank Chris and Funky Books for involving CWR with his wonderful book “The Things You Can Do With Blue Whale Poo”. We are honoured to sing the praises of blue whale poo!

Purchase online at www.funkybooks.com.au or in store at leading bookshops and retailers.


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