CetaceanTunes – A poem by Micheline Jenner

Cetacean Tunes


The oceans’ sound

Is deeply profound

The orchestration

Of frequency segregation

Most astounding

And compounding


Cetacean tunes

Belting under full moons

Carefully chosen frequency

Across the whole spectrum you see


Dolphins squeak at higher Hertz

Blues in low tones blurts

Will they have all conferred?

To keep the signals un-blurred


Pre-programmed on the dial

Each sound travelling many a mile

Tuned cetaceans

Like radio stations


Blues and Southern rights

Low frequencies in their sights

Humpbacks in the middle

Singing a gorgeous riddle


Dolphins and “aliens” near the top

In the thousands of Hz they hip-hop

Across the spectrum of frequency

Sings a cetacean eloquently


Whale Song a listening ship

Becomes Whale Song the singing ship

Love to dial the dolphins in

And think about their next of kin




Let’s feed the nation

With liquid conversation!


(Written by Micheline Jenner)





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