Phosphorescent Surprise!

Phosphorescent Surprise!

Painting by M Jenner

Painting by M Jenner


Swirling soapy seas

Brimming sea fleas

Ostracods and phosphorescence

Indicate dolphins’ presence


Body outline in blue-white

Truly gorgeous sight

From beak to flukes

Look like glowing spooks!


Tail edge defined

Head and body refined

In glowing-ness

And flowing-ness


Tail beats

Leave swirling treats

Lines of brightness

And blue-whiteness!


Beside our hull white-wash glows

See how fast the dolphin goes

Swimming trails 50 metres out

Speedster-style they flout!


Embedded in my mind’s eye-

Glowing dolphins fly

As if diamond encrusted –

A ladies’ heart lusted


Living light

Unreal sight

Diamond flight

Of swimming might


Surreal –

The feel

Of glowing life

Uniquely rife




Stars in the sea

All sparkily

Zillions glow

Like carbon flow


Comparisons of sky, sea and earth

Meteors, ostracods and minerals of worth

All mixed up in air, water and dirt

In different realms they flirt…


A diamond dolphin swims

Fulfills ladies’ special whims

Twinkling be-speckled

Swimmingly freckled!


A Tiffany’s dolphin

Carrie’s a-dream’n

Can’t put that in a blue box!

A dolphin covered in diamond rocks…


Hold this vision forever

Three luminescent trails together

Special moments

Of dolphin romance


 (Written by Micheline Jenner)


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