Killer Whales – A poem by Micheline Jenner

Killer Whales


Killer whales

As the name entails

Are partial to mammals

Especially other animals


Deer and seals

All become meals

Also white shark

Reality quite stark


Top ocean predator

A killing pre-meditator

Kills efficient

Not complacent


Tall dorsal pose

Brings ocean of prose

Life at sea



Close knit family

All related genetically

Range afar

As pantry ajar

Seeing takeaway meals

Plays with seals


Kind side of matriarch

Young calves play the lark

Frolic in the open ocean

Dorsal strong with constant motion


Hope to see black dorsals tall

Now we’ve seen your signals small

Intriguing sound

On Sonix found


Not complex

Small intonation flex

We seek the lion of the sea

A truly oceanic beasty


(Written by Micheline Jenner)

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