Lighthouse – A poem by Micheline Jenner



Serious beacon

Sea-keeping reason

Ancient way to light the night

And guard capes out of sight


Tall, slender building

With light guiding

Pulses short – pulses long

Helps the sea-going throng


Comfort of sailors

And ancient mariners

The flash dispels the dark

With each rotating arc


Some headlands provide

A bunker beside

With supplies for mariners

That would appear ravenous


At the light on Trimouille

On the Montebellos – truly

A cache of biscuits and foods

Luckily with water includes

Emergency rations

For land-sick passions


Saviour of souls

Between both poles

Men and diesel replaced

But still on cliff-top spaced


Old technology remains in use

Though automated – not run by families on the loose

Thank you lighthouses

You are our safe houses


(Written by Micheline Jenner)


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