Whale Song – A poem by Micheline Jenner

R.V. Whale Song at Scott Reef.
Photo credit I.Ford













Whale Song



Our beloved Whale Song

Purrs along

Waves break gently at her side

Through darkness glide


Quiet as a church mouse

And awfully nice house

Listens on our world below

While western waters flow


Built for a hydrophone to tow

We were not to know

Cold handrails

Dark night she sails


Perfect platform for listening and looking

Thoroughly enjoy Restys’ cooking

Scattered patterns on every screen

Each documenting a scene


The sea floor or bathymetry

Or engine hours and SST

Clouds and ships crowd the radar

Ensure we remain far


Multiple information streams

Of detained beams

Informing of the physical world

Even with a sonobuoy hurled


And then the delights

Of the U/W sound sights

Window on our world

Data at us hurled!


(Written by Micheline Jenner)



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