Darwin Preparations and Sad News

Aussie Exercises, Darwin Departure & Scott Reef – emailed 09/10/12

Darwin Preparations and Sad News

After a few days in Darwin preparing the equipment, some rest and relaxation, taking on supplies (our funny grocery event was previously mentioned) and re-fuelling, we make final preparations for the next journey.  The crew for this journey are The Usual Suspects Five (Curt, Dale, Resty, Sam and me) and Daffy from Defence Materiel Organisation, Gary from L3-Oceania and of course Skipper dog, our ever “on patrol” whale, dolphin and bird-spotter.

Sadly, on the morning of our departure we learn that the previous owner of this vessel, Grant Wilson, whom we are purchasing Whale Song from, has had an accident and suffered a fatal brain haemorrhage the day before.  Tragically, Grant passed away in the US at Cape Cod on September 10th while enjoying summer holidays with his family.  He is survived by his wife and three children with a lovely bustling, energetic family.  We are shocked and shaken by this news.  I am glad that I had had nice emails back and forth with Grant only weeks before his passing and again reiterated to him that we felt extremely privileged and lucky to have met him and Whale Song.


Grant Wilson

 Untimely passing

Legacy ever-lasting

Availing Whale Song

To a whale throng

To contribute new science

With a vessel of reliance


Thank you for your forethought

Regarding cetaceans sought

Curt and Mich lucky to be

Brought to Grant by chance reality


An awesome vessel

In an Australian niche nestle

A quiet ship

And fully equip


Grant gave us a chance

With whales to dance

Thanks for this opportunity

Of such enormity


Keep you in our hearts forever

Remember you as kind and clever


(Written by Micheline Jenner)


Curt and I will always take very seriously the incredible opportunity that Grant has given us and watch out for our world and Whale Song carefully. 


Resty and Sam proudly wearing ‘Whale Song’ shirts to honour the memory of Grant Wilson. Photo credit M.Jenner


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