Of sea – A poem by Micheline Jenner

Of Sea


Photo credit M.Jenner








Oh the sea, you angry sea

What is your mood?

What is your game?

This strong current – Agulhus current, so free

Not ours to tame

Taking us on a southern course

To southern seas and iceberg clime

Like riding a wild, bucking horse

We shall reach Mauritius – in due course…


We ride, we buck, we glide and slide

On hills of blue and black and grey

Up and o’er white mountain caps

And peaks of turquoise water ride

On and on ’til end of day

When birds’ and sun’s energy lapse


The sea, the endless sea

Of endurance, exploring let us be

At one with you all the way

But do not let us unduly pay

For passage on your bobbing waves

Above eons of sailors’ watery graves


I wish to sing a song to you

And calm you to a gorgeous blue

With puffy clouds above the glass

We will hug and rest at last

In peace and calm seas across the oceans vast

Above rising seamounts and plunging canyons deep

My soul with you shall always keep

The oceanic dance – not just a glance

But a truly deep, ocean trance.


Thanks for the blue, green and gold

Never shall your views grow old

For upon the vasty seas we shall

Always have stories to tell

Of dolphins spotted, leaping and devout

Around us and each other about

Of whales, Brydes, sperm and humpback

That with their flippers and flukes wack

The interface of sea and sky

In which they live and try to fly!


Since air within their lungs inhale

Brings them to the place we sail

We sit atop the waters’ edge

Where mammals daly, as on a ledge

To swap the old and grab the new

From lung’s depths to open air

A pillar of gas… “Hey, over there!

Got a blow, looks like two!”

Now tell me, what sort are you?


We catch a glimpse of a deep sea friend

Whose life on the surface will only spend

One tenth above, 9 tenths below

So, to the depths we must surely go

To truly understand their passage

Of life – and read their message


That this sea is home to ancient creatures

But we just see the stock market features

When considering exploring for mineral finds

Oh – please take off the blinds

That dull our sight and goals that hinder

Which make us bring age old beauty to cinder

We thank the sea and all her moods

For all the glory she exudes

Give praise for sea and spray and ocean

And all the calm or rising motion


Thank you sea, and glory be.

(written Jan 18, 2011 at 34 degrees 26.9 S and 29 degrees 03.7 E)

Photo credit M.Jenner


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