Sea Gypsy – A poem by Micheline Jenner

Sea Gypsy

The clear turquoise waters of Scott Reef, Western Australia.
Photo credit M.Jenner










How does it feel to be a sea gypsy

Travelling the oceans so free?


Our own little world of freedom

And watch-keeping regimen

Twelve till three my times each day

At midnight and midday

Don’t be late

You’ve a very important date




Landscape a treat

Offshore seascape neat!


Lucky to have “the passion and the job”

Words from Germany a friend does lob

It’s true we say –

Lucky to make our way


Not everyone’s cup of tea

Looking at endless sea!

A small community comes together

Survives all kinds of weather


Skipper – ships dog is the glue

Always wants to be next to you!

On full alert like a meer cat sentinel

With bow-riding dolphins he goes mental!


What does he say with his cherry bark?

“Hey, I love your gorgeous park!”

What do they think of this curious thing?

It’s noisy and looking at us, wow he can’t sing


A brown booby flew by

And chose the bow to rest off the fly

“Loose the hound” the cry went up

From the pics Skippers’ mouth around tail feathers cup!


For Skipper, a round of applause

High fives and high paws

But wait, there’s more to this tale

The bird came back and again Skip got his tail!


The photos are funny and one can’t believe

The bird would not take its’ leave

Just one more crazy thing

The seaness gives imagination a wing!


(Written by Micheline Jenner)

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