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And Whale Song

    And Whale Song   Whale Song by name Whale Song it came   By day Seeing the whales play By night Still in our sight   Screens of unreal sound In ocean depths abound Real time tunes accompany our work Records of those beneath that lurk   Smooth tones fill the wheelhouse Rather […]

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Whale Song – A poem by Micheline Jenner

                        Whale Song     Our beloved Whale Song Purrs along Waves break gently at her side Through darkness glide   Quiet as a church mouse And awfully nice house Listens on our world below While western waters flow   Built for a hydrophone […]

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Manta Magic – A Poem by Micheline Jenner

Manta Magic A splash from afar Soon we’ll see what you are… Brydes whales feeding At the surface leading Surging side-ways Near oceanic manta rays Pink krill leaping Ocean mantas seeking Tropical ocean treats At the line where water and air meets! White bellies upward Krill jumping skyward Barrell-rolling fun Within setting sun Graceful flight […]

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