WhaleSong – Before It’s Too Late Ep 5

Filmed on location in the remote Kimberley in 1997, the exact area was kept a secret for 15 years. This WA population of humpback whales was slowly but significantly recovering from heavy whaling up until the 60’s. Having found a calving ground in these warm, tropical and pristine northern waters during the mid-90’s, Curt and Mich decided to protect these humpback whales by not divulging this locale.

From our original sailing catamaran, the islands were explored and habitat usage of humpback whales documented. Ultimately this data and more has been used to protect this region, now known as Lalang-garram/Camden Sound Marine Park. Simply put, research biologists dream of having state or federal MPA’s (Marine Protected Areas) in place to protect critical habitat for cetaceans. For the hard work of many we are delighted for the protection and conservation of humpback whales in the Kimberley, WA.

With vintage footage of our newly built and custom-designed WhaleSong, the research team, including our youngest member Micah (at 2-and-a-half), ventured into the wilds for 2 weeks at a time. WhaleSong – Before It’s Too Late Ep 5 records the data collection and the beautiful vistas.

Take a walk back in time with Kimberley humpback whales and the research team…