Day 13 Voyage Report

We have arrived Safe and Sound in JB! (Written on January 31, 2013)

Approaching HMAS Creswell Navy Base. Photo credit M.Jenner

Approaching HMAS Creswell, Jervis Bay.
Photo credit M.Jenner

I am spared my usual tapping at the door as we travel through the night and will be anchored in Jervis Bay during my watch.  The guys decide they’ll cover my watch anchoring during this time, so kindly they let me sleep.  With a 2300 scurry around the main saloon cleaning/preparing for our arrival at HMAS Creswell, an Australian Naval Base in the morning, I finally flop into bed at 2330… This has been a great couple of weeks.

The early morning sun haze surrounding Point Perpendicular and Bowen Island, at the entrance to Jervis Bay, is beautifully sepia-toned.   I dash to the Albatross Deck, at the aft of the bridge to catch a photo, or two (!).  The light on Montague Island, which we sailed past yesterday, and the lighthouse at Point Perpendicular was tended by a crew members’ family during her primary school childhood.  As we pass beneath the sheers cliffs of Point Perp, I think of all the fantastic adventures Katie and her siblings enjoyed at these gorgeous places.  Coincidently, the room in one of the lighthouse keepers’ homes at Point Perpendicular currently containing whale information was Katie’s bedroom.

The bay where we are anchored is spectacular, calm water laps at white sandy beaches backed by natural eucalypt bushland, surrounding a totally rounded and protected embayment that is Jervis Bay.  At 0105 we enter the bay in the darkness anchoring in a suitable place called Darling Road, in the SE corner.  It is protected and we can imagine First Fleet sailors being very pleased with this anchorage and location.

We have some logistics to tend to alongside at HMAS Creswell and up anchor at 0905 to relocate and tie alongside the mai n wharf at Captain’s Point at 0945.  Fuel is taken on and meanwhile the girls begin data processing for preparation of a SAAP report.  After lunch of quiche Lorraine, garden salad and Turkish bread and carrot/walnut and chocolate log for afters, we make the plan for the afternoon.  A three metre easterly swell creates surge at the jetty so we decide to unload empty sonobuoys and bring on board new ones by hand with our cast of thousands.


HMAS Creswell Navy Base in Jervis Bay. Photo credit M.Jenner

HMAS Creswell, Jervis Bay.
Photo credit M.Jenner


Jervis Bay, New South Wales, Australia. Photo credit M.Jenner

Whale Song alongside at HMAS Creswell, Jervis Bay, New South Wales, Australia.
Photo credit M.Jenner


The girls are excitable, very excitable and are very vocal when we leave the jetty, waving from the top decks to the delight/embarrassment of some of the navy crew and rounding Point Perpendicular heading north they shriek and squeal with delight at the bouncy waves and beautiful, steep, straight cliffs of this headland.  Heading north towards Sydney we are on the final leg of our journey.

Bowls of spaghetti bolognaise and veggie pasta sauce with mozzarella goes down a treat finished with the team favourite, chocolate ice-cream with carrot/walnut and chocolate log.  Everyone relaxes into the last night at sea with excitement of the plans for arrival in Sydney.  Tomorrow we will be in my hometown! Yahoo!

From the bouncy seas,


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