Out of the water, humpback whales leap! We love to see them BREACHING, in all places for all reasons!


DSC_5019 copyA cow humpback whale breaches… perhaps to scare away a shark.


lowres-1208111697Morning BREACH in a competitive pod of males!


lowres-5016In the Kimberley this is a cow humpback whale protecting her calf. We love humpback whales when they breach!


lowres-1208112777Flop… more of the competitive pod.


0608111178A calf humpback whale plays with half breaches in the tropics!


DSC_1555On a grey sea in early winter… a humpback whale with a gorgeous white belly leaps on it’s journey northwards.


That gorgeous, rambunctious calf half-breaching beside Tiny Lander, the humpback whale carrying the Whale Lander Tag for 13 hours. Photo credit M. Jenner

In the Antarctic, this gorgeous, rambunctious calf half-breached beside Tiny Lander, a humpback whale that carried a Whale Lander Tag for 13 hours providing unique yaw, pitch and roll dive data.


A rambunctious calf photo-bombing the styly fluke-up of its' mother! Photo credit M. Jenner

Still in the cool of the Antarctic, this wonderful rambunctious calf, photo-bombed the styly fluke-up of its’ mother!


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