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Kimberley Expedition Image Diary

Sep 03, 2014 On the first day of the expedition Skipper was so excited to be back in the mix with dolphins bow-riding again! He loves to bark at them incessantly from the fairlead!  The smile on his dial, makes us smile!

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Catching a Ride on the Leeuwin Current

Aug 31, 2014 Sipping my breakfast chai and munching on toast in the wheelhouse, I admired the wide range of dense cumulus clouds, all around.  It is grey and going to be all day – get used to it! From 9 onwards we nicely hitched a ride on the Leeuwin current and travelled at 9.2 […]

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Dolphins on the Bow!

Aug 29, 2014 Hey, this is the real August 29th!  I must have entered a time warp when going into Broome the other day – I came out 2 days ahead!  You will be pleased to know I am safely back in the normal world!  But what is normal?, we may ask! The mornings are […]

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Ningaloo Joy

Aug 28, 2014 Looking out our window I had an inkling we must be near Ningaloo and sure enough as I prepared my breakky, there were the VLF towers and Vlamingh Head – as plain as day, right there!  We shall have the whole day at Ningaloo with whales, what wonderful timing! With 24 pods […]

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Looking with Our Ears

Aug 27, 2014 At 6 in the morning we are way offshore of Dampier, too early to call dear friends there…  we are making our way to the northern most point of the Montebello Islands and from there southward to Fremantle. Only a handful of whales were sighted before lunch.  One humpback whale was swimming […]

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What are Waves?

Aug 26, 2014 Sailing through the night on a calm, starlit ocean over the course of the midnight hours, I was able to thoroughly check my eyelids for leaks.  I can hereby, hithertofore and underwith report, that there are none! Just after 6am, a singleton humpback whale delighted the bleary-eyed crew (those with only one […]

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Fishy Monday

Aug 25, 2014 In the early morning, (as has been the morning vista of late), smoke shrouded Cable Beach.  With a healthy and satisfyingly, quiet ‘Vrrroom’, our main motors were started and lovingly warmed.  It was 0655 when the anchor was raised and as we left Cable Beach we were excited to begin our journey […]

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Broome Time

Aug 24, 2014 A smoky pink sunrise haze shrouded Cable Beach as the boys anchored Whale Song at 0605.  Soon, the final stages of packing and de-mobilising were in full swing and at 9-ish the first run of people hit the beach to commence a day of logistics, including personnel transfers to the airport with […]

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Curious Kimberley Whales

Aug 23, 2014 With a slightly windy start, 15 knots that is, rather than the glassy calm we have become accustomed to enduring – the breakfasting crew were amazed that at 730 we hadn’t been with whales for an hour already!  Hmm, fingers started twitching for shutters, hands reached for mike booms and upteen-zillion cameras […]

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Pensive in Pender Bay

Aug 22, 2014 At sunset last night, Whale Song began slowly making her way southwards from the Buccaneer Archipelago and Frost Shoal, towards Pender Bay.  This area is north of the Lacepede Islands, situated on the western side of Dampier Peninsula, to the north of Broome. By sunrise at 0602, the crew was mobilised and […]

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