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Killer whales vs blue whale…

Blue whale savaged off the south coast of WA by hungry killer whales ABC Great Southern By Katie McAllister and Gianni Di Giovanni Updated 36 minutes ago Space to play or pause, M to mute, left and right arrows to seek, up and down arrows for volume.   VIDEO: Killer whales attack a blue whale (ABC News) RELATED STORY: Rare footage of […]

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WhaleSong – Before It’s Too Late Ep 5

Filmed on location in the remote Kimberley, the exact location was kept a secret for 15 years. This WA humpback whale population was slowly but steadily recovering from heavy whaling which continued until their near extinction in the 60’s. Having found a calving ground in these warm, tropical pristine waters, in the interest of protecting […]

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Video Diaries Renewal

We wish to advise that most of our Video Diaries have been renewed and are available for viewing. Three entries are yet to be be renewed but the majority have been uploaded and are ready to play. Inday Ford our CWR Research Assistant produced these in-house videos aptly recording the journeys of Whale Song travelling around […]

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Whales on Studio 10

Thanks to Studio 10 for the invite for Micheline to speak with the panel, Sarah, Denise, Jo and Angela. Thanks to Leighton De Barros and Jodie De Barros at Sea Dog TV International for providing the footage from the NAT GEO WILD documentary “Birthplace of the Giants”. And of course, thanks to the wonderful humpback […]

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Melbourne Writers Festival 2018

With 340 participants performing in various venues in and around the heart of the Melbourne CBD over the course of 10 days in late August to early September, the Melbourne Writers Festival was a wonderful and invigorating event and it was an absolute privilege to attend.   Micheline Jenner represented the CWR Team with her […]

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Antarctic Dance

Humpback whales are feeding in the Antarctic right now. During the austral summer months, the cool nutrient-rich waters of the Southern Ocean support a huge diversity of animals from fish, seabirds, seals, dolphins and whales. Humpback whales, along with minke whales, sei whales, fin whales and Antarctic blue whales are feasting on huge swarms of […]

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Migrating from west and east coasts of Australia to the Antarctic is one mammoth migration. Each year humpback whales spend the winter breeding season in the tropical Kimberley and the summer feeding in the productive and krill-filled Southern Ocean.            

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Best Australian Beach Award 2017

Beautiful Cossies Beach on Direction Island, Cocos Keeling Islands wins the 2017 Award!     Click on the link below for the video! Cocos Keeling Islands Visitor Centre celebrating victory at Cossies Beach, Direction Island .Like Page Yesterday at 5:30am · IT’S OFFICIAL … WE HAVE THE BEST BEACH IN AUSTRALIA!!! There are 11,761 beaches […]

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Out of the water, humpback whales leap! We love to see them BREACHING, in all places for all reasons!   A cow humpback whale breaches… perhaps to scare away a shark.   Morning BREACH in a competitive pod of males!   In the Kimberley this is a cow humpback whale protecting her calf. We love […]

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Fairlead Fotos

Look what pops up in our fairleads… a whole bunch of things!                   A dolphin or two and a dog in our fairlead…   This one takes the cake – there’s a whale in my fairlead!        

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