ABC Conservations with Sarah Kanowski

On Thursday April 5th, 2018 a radio interview aired on ABC Conversations.

Sarah Kanowski and Micheline Jenner had a lively chat about all things whale. In particular, they spoke about interesting experiences Mich and her husband, Curt had with a very curious humpback whale they named “Crazy” in the Dampier Archipelago. In the deep, blue water of the Perth Canyon, one day by chance, Mich swam through orange blue whale poo, leading the team to an understanding of why these whales were there. And as biologists, Curt and Mich readily turned their hands to boat-building, as you do! Raising a family at sea, well that just came along, building a boat and building the crew simultaneously. What could possibly go wrong?


Click on the following link to hear their chat.


Pygmy blue whales–the big little guys! Their flukes are 7 m across!


Skipper with bow-riding common bottlenose dolphins-his favourite friends!


Underwater blows from a surfacing humpback whale, in the green water of the Kimberley.


Centre for Whale Research

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